Professional preparation for state exams (maturity exams, eighth grade exams), as well as international exams (FCE, PET, KET).

Individually tailored classes that prepare you for your exam and enable you to develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, based on the study of grammar and vocabulary.

In my classes I provide and use my own materials, as well as books published by English-language publishers (e.g. Express Publishing, Oxford University Press) and language applications and multimedia (e.g. Netflix, TED). When preparing my students for exams, I often use official sets and test sheets.

In conversation exercises, I emphasise naturalness and I help you become more confident in using your language skills. I try to show the authentic language used by native speakers of English.

The one-hour rate (i.e. 60 minutes) ranges from 30 to 50 PLN and is individually established with the client. The rate depends on the mode and type of lessons. The time of lessons may be shortened or lengthened, depending on the client's preferences.

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